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Diacetyl and “Vaping” in the e-cigarette industry

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2016 | Case Notes

For over a decade, our very own Ryan McQueeney has been representing entities named as defendants in product liability cases alleging that the chemical diacetyl can cause respiratory disease.  For most the life of this litigation, lawsuits have focused on individuals exposed to butter flavoring, most notably in the microwave popcorn industry (in fact, bronchiolitis obliterans, the disease that diacetyl is alleged to cause, has been nicknamed “popcorn lung”).

More recently, diacetyl content in e-cigarette liquids has been investigated, and Mr. McQueeney was recently interviewed by Vape Radio to impart his knowledge about diacetyl, the lawsuits arising from it, and how that history may shape future litigation in the e-cigarette and vaping industry.  The full interview can be heard here:

If you have questions about diacetyl and e-cigarettes/vaping, please feel free to contact Ryan McQueeney at Arnett Law Group: 312-561-5660 or [email protected]


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