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The risks and rewards of making your next hire a remote employee

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2018 | Legal Counseling

It’s a great problem to have. The business is growing, the current staff is at their maximum workload, and it is time to start looking at hiring more people.

The problem is that adding more people to the payroll can get expensive. There are the obvious salary and benefits costs, but then you also need to consider where they will sit and what equipment you will have to purchase so that they can do their work.

More and more, companies are adding employees who can work from home, but is this a good option for your business? These are some of the things you will want to think about as you consider adding remote employees to the payroll.

The advantages

Of course, the most significant advantage is that a remote employee doesn’t need a desk in the office. When space is at a premium, this can be a big advantage. For remote employees that come into the office on occasion, a community workspace is an easy solution.

Many employees enjoy the opportunity to be able to work from home. They can cut down on commuting time and vehicle expenses. Also, some report that they are more productive since there aren’t other employees around them to distract them with small talk.

With constant developments in technology, there are many ways to keep remote employees involved in the life of the office. Many programs can allow remote employees to be accessible through chat platforms and video conferencing so that bosses aren’t waiting for an email reply.

The disadvantages

Depending on your management style, it can be a difficult adjustment, having remote employees. It’s easy to start wondering what they are doing when you can’t see them in the office.

It can also be more challenging to collaborate between teams. You can overcome this with software platforms that allow employees to share their work, but sometimes there is still a real distance that is difficult to overcome.

Technology isn’t perfect. When a computer or internet connection fails, it can mean that your remote employee isn’t able to complete their tasks. You will want to come up with a strategy for how to handle equipment malfunctions for your remote staff.

Flexibility for everyone

Adding remote employees may mean that other staff will want to be able to have the same latitude on occasion. Workplace flexibility can be a great benefit for everyone in the office. You will likely find that the best employees can work from any location and will appreciate the work/life balance that working from home offers.


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