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Protecting Your Rights In Business Contractual Matters

Contracts are one of the basic tools of business. Properly drafted, they facilitate commercial exchanges by clearly stating the responsibilities of each party. However, a business opportunity spelled out in a contract also involves potential risks. Before entering into a significant financial transaction, corporate executives and business owners should seek counsel from a third party.

At Arnett Law Group, LLC, we provide cost-effective services regarding all types of commercial contracts, including those involving the sale of goods and services, the purchase and sale of businesses, real estate transfers and employment contracts. We work diligently to identify potential risks entailed in a proposed business transaction and to take measures to minimize those risks.

Our attorneys can:

  • Draft a contract for a reasonable fee
  • Review a proposed contract and suggest improvements that can more fully protect you
  • Negotiate the terms of a contract directly with the other party or the party’s legal counsel
  • Provide an opinion regarding the enforcement of an existing contractual agreement and discuss your legal options if the other party fails to perform

Helping You Achieve Your Business Goals

A small investment in legal services before you enter into a contractual arrangement can mean the difference between business success and failure. Arnett Law Group, LLC, provides cost-effective and timely services regarding all types of contracts ranging from routine sales transactions and commercial leases to those involving large, complex transactions.

At Arnett Law Group, LLC, our business counseling practice focuses on identifying potential risks, and providing advice and services designed to minimize those risks. But what happens when one of the parties fails to honor the terms of a contract? Our firm conducts an active commercial litigation practice. We can advise and represent you in the event of nonperformance to protect your rights and interests.

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