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ALG’s Year of Giving: July—Nicasa Behavioral Health Services

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Year of Giving

This month’s organization for ALG’s Year of Giving, Nicasa Behavioral Health Services, was selected by Associate Mark Bennett. Nicasa is a not-for-profit behavioral health services organization that has been pioneering award-winning efforts in prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery since 1966. Nicasa has 8 Lake County locations, and its core services include: substance abuse treatment programs, mental health counseling, in-school and after-school programs, youth and family therapy.

Its mission is to transform one life at a time through its behavioral and social health services. Nicasa developed some of Illinois’ first Latino services, DUI Programs, community awareness and public education campaigns, and prevention programming. In 1988, because of Nicasa’s integrity and expertise, the judges of the 19th Judicial Circuit of Lake County and McHenry Counties ruled Nicasa as the sole provider of alcohol and drug abuse evaluations for those arrested for alcohol-related offenses in Lake County.

Read Mark’s message below regarding why he wants to support this organization’s incredible work:

Without hesitation, I have chosen Nicasa Behavioral Health Services. Nicasa is a local, not-for-profit organization focused on building brighter futures for vulnerable and at-risk children, adults, and families in Lake County and Northern Illinois. Nicasa provides vital behavioral and social health services, programs, and resources to those in need, including abuse treatment programs, mental health counseling, in-school and after-school programs, youth and family therapy, Teen Court services, parent education, comprehensive women’s behavioral health services, and a residential halfway recovery home.

I am proud to select Nicasa as my sponsor organization because of the importance of the societal issues that Nicasa works to resolve and the real-world impact that the organization has. Nicasa’s current CEO is retired Chief Warrant Officer of the U.S. Marine Corps and former Chief of Police, Bruce N. Johnson. Bruce is someone that I have personally known and looked up to throughout my life. As such, I have witnessed first-hand the around-the-clock selflessness, dedication, and humility that Bruce, and all Nicasa members and volunteers, bring to the organization in an effort to help those in need.

The importance of behavioral health education and related services is slowly becoming more understood throughout our society; however, there still exists a severe shortage of available mental health and substance abuse resources, especially within our Lake County communities. Not to mention, the year 2020 brought unprecedented challenges to those who need support with drug and alcohol abuse, racial trauma, familial crises, and mental illness. Nicasa is committed to providing quality, compassionate services to those who need it, regardless of race, age, gender, or economic status.

Donations to Nicasa directly fund the life-changing services described above and can, as Nicasa advocates, transform one life at a time. As presented on Nicasa’s website, donations can be made in general or with the intent of helping in the following ways:

  • $500 – Rental assistance for a homeless family.
  • $250 – Nine group treatment sessions for one client.
  • $100 – One hour of individual treatment for one client.
  • $75 – Three co-pays for one client who is unable to pay for treatment.
  • $50 – Two hours of Teen Court decision-making TRACK class
  • $20 – Teen Court challenge coin ONLY.

If you would like to support Nicasa Behavioral Health Services, you may make a donation online at or by mail to Nicasa Behavioral Health Services, 31979 N. Fish Lake Rd., Round Lake, IL 60073.


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