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House Bill 1634’s Impact on the Illinois Trucking Industry

Proposed legislation in Illinois, known as House Bill 1634, aims to bring the state’s vehicle emission standards in line with California’s strict regulations, starting in 2035.

  • This could mean a potential ban on gas and diesel-powered trucks in favor of zero-emission vehicles, like electric trucks; and/or,
  • This bill would allow Illinois to adopt California’s strict standards for zero-emission and low-emission vehicles.

It is important to note that many people, including truckers and business owners, are against it.

  • These proposed standards can impose a huge financial burden to comply with the transition, with increased costs, travel times and operating costs;
  • This transition can cause a strain on your entire business’ infrastructure, including your current operating systems; and,
  • Additional disadvantages include finding charging stations along routes, long charging times, limited driving range, and battery packs that are expensive to replace.

Trucking associations are urging stakeholders to engage with lawmakers to voice their concerns and advocate for more realistic and economically viable solutions.

  • Making electric vehicles create more greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Lack of affordable truck models; and,
  • Insufficient charging infrastructures.

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April 5, 2024.


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