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ALG’s Year of Giving: October—The Foundation of ALA

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2021 | Year of Giving

October’s organization for ALG’s Year of Giving, The Foundation of the Association of Legal Administrators, was selected by Office Manager, Carol McCallum. The Foundation of the ALA is the charitable affiliate of The Association of Legal Administrators (ALA). They support efforts both within the Association and our communities to improve the credibility and visibility of legal management. The Foundation has invested over a quarter million dollars in grants, programs and sponsorships aligned with the Foundation’s mission and goals which focus on the development of education programs, research on the changing legal workplace and increasing awareness of the value of legal management professionals. Carol has been involved with ALA since September 11, 2001, having joined during her first year as an office manager. She often tells people that her membership in ALA was one of the few good things that happened on that fateful day. After 20 years of membership in ALA, Carol has benefited from education, networking, and support, giving her the knowledge and confidence to succeed in a role she loves, and she is happy to be able to give back in this way.

Read Carol’s message regarding her personal connection to this amazing organization:

  • In 2001, I was given an opportunity to become the office manager at the law firm I had worked at for many years as a billing clerk and bookkeeper. While I knew a lot about the firm, I knew nothing about managing an office and all the hats I would have to wear to be good at it. At the suggestion of the managing partner, I joined ALA and very quickly began learning how much I didn’t know. Chapter meetings allowed me to meet colleagues in many different roles in Chicago firms – small to international. They were friendly, inclusive, and willing to share their knowledge with the “newbies”. After three years, I joined a CLM study group, became a Certified Legal Manager in November 2005 and the rest is history. I began attending annual, regional/fall conferences and CLI, volunteering at the chapter, regional and international levels – enjoying every minute, especially serving on the Annual Conference Committees!! I have made life-long friends whom I can meet for a drink after work, or call anytime I need a pep talk, a solution, or a sounding board. I’m happy to say I provide the same support to those who call me. The friendships I’ve made over the years are still going strong and I can’t wait to see many familiar faces at the 2021 Annual Conference in Austin, Texas. ALA gives every one of us the opportunity to develop at our own pace and commit to volunteer roles small or large. Whatever amount of time you have, there is a place for you in ALA.

If you would like to support the Foundation of the Association of Legal Administrators, you can make donations by mail to: The Foundation of ALA, 8600 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Suite 400N, Chicago, IL 60631 or online at Foundation of ALA (

For more information about becoming a member of ALA:
Become an ALA Member (


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